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At East Grange Christmas Trees we have the perfect tree for your home. Please feel free to call in and have a look for yourself. With all sizes of trees, stands, festive wreaths and other Christmas bits you will not be disappointed.

About us

In 2015, we diversified our farming business by selling locally sourced Nordman fir Christmas trees and stands. Over time, we have expanded our offerings to include homemadeaths and pot-grown trees. We value our customers and look forward to serving them for years to come. We welcome any feedback on how we can improve our.


We sell Nordman Fir cut Christmas trees, these are probably the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. 
They are known for there uniform shape and superior needle retention and as we get a new supply cut and delivered each week you know that ours are as fresh as can be.
When starting out it was important to us that we only sold the best trees, after much searching, we found our amazing award-winning grower from North Yorkshire who we have worked with ever since.


We offer a range of stands starting at £16.50 and increasing as the trees get bigger.It is important to remember that to get the longest life from your Christmas tree it needs to be kept watered just like you would with flowers, to help with this we only sell water-holding stands.A cut Christmas tree can drink a lot of water so it is important to check the reservoir every few days.


We started making wreaths in 2016 and they were an instant hit.
We love playing around with different designs, whether classic with fruit and pinecones or a bit more modern with some rose gold and baubles.
We have two sizes 10" starting at £15 and 12" starting at £17.
If you can't find one you like just let us know and we can make something for you.


Our Baubles, Decoration, Tinsel and Tree Toppers are the perfect accessories to finish off your tree and home. We guarantee you won't find these in The Range!!

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